Remscela by Gregory Frost

The Sequel to Tain
by Gregory Frost
$5.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-576-2

When the Druid Cathbad gave Cu Chulainn a choice of great deeds or long life, the demigod warrior chose great deeds–which, as the defender of all Ulster–he performed without hesitation. But now, the invasion by Queen Maeve and her armies is long over, and the consequences of the choice he made are about to descend upon Cu Chulainn.

Cu Chulainn was only a teenaged boy when he defeated the combined armies of Queen Maeve. Now, with nothing to fight, Ulster’s warrior seems cursed–by a child he never knew he had; by the Sidhe sorceress Fand; by the goddess queen of Connacht herself, who has never forgiven him for his triumph; and by the three dark and evil sisters called The Morrigu. Long ago, the Druid Cathbad once gave him the choice of reknown for his great deeds or a long life. Cu Chulainn chose the former, and now it seems that the consequences of that choice have come due.

Originally published by Ace Fantasy Books (1988)


“[A] stark and bloody epic…a classic of heroic fantasy with which all lovers of the genre should be familiar. Thanks to Gregory Frost, one can now enjoy the story in crisp, modern prose. Highly recommended to all readers of epic fantasy and to those interested in Celtic myth!” —Fantasy Review

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