Remalna’s Children

Remalnas Children by Sherwood Smith

Two Novellas (post Crown Duel)
by Sherwood Smith
$3.00 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-147-4

The Crown Duel second generation:

Two novelettes about Mel’s and Vidanric’s older two offspring, Prince Alaraec (“Court Ship”) and Elestra (“Beauty”).

In the latter, the middle child, who thinks of herself as the plain one of the three Renselaeus siblings, goes into the throne room to look at a tree, and meets a beautiful villain. Thus begins a duel of wits with unexpected results.

In “Court Ship” (se after the Norsunder War) Prince Raec and his best friend, Nadav, heir to the duchy of Savona, go on a mission to court a princess. Both boys get distracted… but the princess is determined to keep them on task. A dance of diplomacy and romance ensues.


Sartorias-deles stories, present day:

Spy Princess



Fleeing Peace

A Stranger to Command

The Rise of the Alliance I: A Sword Named Truth

The Rise of the Alliance II: Firejive (forthcoming)

The Rise of the Alliance III: Night Side of the Sun (forthcoming)

The Romantic Stories

Crown Duel

The Trouble with Kings

Sasharia En Garde

Remalna’s Children


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