Reality and Other Fictions

Reality and Other Fictions by Jeffrey A. Carver

Five Science Fiction Stories
by Jeffrey A. Carver
$1.99 (Short Story Collection)
ISBN 978-1-61138-179-5

Five science fiction stories to ignite the imagination.

Explore an Earth being devoured by entropy, in the ultimate runaway environmental crisis. Dive the depths of the sea to prevent the mother of all oil spills. Rocket into space as a tourist. Mine the asteroids with your enhanced border collie, in the can-do spirit of classic science fiction. These stories appeared in publications as varied as Science Fiction Age, F&SF, and the Boston Sunday Herald. They include Carver’s first published short fiction, and his most recent. With new introductions, all from the author of The Chaos Chronicles and Eternity’s End.

Reality School: In the Entropy Zone
Of No Return
Seastate Zero
Rocket Ride!
Dog Star

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Reviews of other works by Jeffrey A. Carver:

“Masterfully captures the joy of exploration.”—Publishers Weekly

“Jeff Carver is a hard sf writer who gets it right — his science and his people are equally convincing.” —Gregory Benford

“One of the few hard SF writers whose characters are as interesting as the deep science.” —Melissa Scott, author of Dreamships and Trouble and Her Friends

“Carver writes powerfully and clearly.” —Booklist

“High adventure in the wonder-filled depths of space with characters you’ll remember long after you finish reading the last page.” —Joan D. Vinge, author of The Snow Queen.