Offspring - Silent Empire 4 by Steven Harper

A Novel of the Silent Empire
by Steven Harper
$2.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-115-3

The lush and beautiful forest planet of Bellerophon is home to a cacophony of noises, but its resident psychics are known as the Silent. Previously they could travel to the Dream, a telepathic plane of existence where they could twist the laws of reality. But that time is over…

One madman’s lust for power tore the Dream asunder. Now only a handful of the Silent can enter it. Kendi Weaver is one of them.

As an election for the governorship of Bellerophon begins, Kendi is caught in the crossfire. Attempts on his life—and a rash of Silent kidnappings—point to a political enemy…or a personal one. Either way, the future of the Dream is at stake. And Kendi fears it may become a nightmare.

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From The American Library Association

The fourth novel in the Silent Empire series continues the adventures of Father Kendi Weaver; his lover, Ben Rymer; and their friends. Having performed a dramatic rescue in Nightmare (2002), they have returned to the forest planet of Bellerophon to start a family. But politics and personal problems intervene. The end of the Dream–the ability of various sentients to enter a telepathic plane that made faster-than-light communication possible–brought down governments, destroyed economies, and roused interspecies enmities, and elements of all three catastrophes remain in process on Bellerophon. Moreover, Ben has discovered that his genetic parents were humanity’s greatest hero and its greatest villain, both dead for a thousand years. Then a madman starts killing, intent on replicating Daniel Vik’s villainy in Nightmare. Harper’s characters and society are as fascinating, and his plot is as intricate, as ever.

–Frieda Murray