Never After

Never After by Marie Brennan

Thirteen Twists on Familiar Tales
by Marie Brennan
$1.29 (Collection) ISBN 978-1-61138-777-3
A BVC Original

Forget perfect princesses, handsome princes, and “happily ever after.” In this collection of thirteen flash-length fairy tale retellings, award-winning author Marie Brennan introduces you to a world of manipulative mirrors, treacherous pigs, and candy houses that will eat you right up. Each one is a subversive little gem, guaranteed to shock the Brothers Grimm.



* “The Mirror’s Tale”
* “The Kindness of Sisters”
* “Conversation with a Wolf”
* “Gold”
* “A Smile, a Laugh”
* “Nesu-a”
* “The Princess and the . . .”
* “One Last Prize”
* “The Fall of the Fortress of Brick”
* “Many Faces”
* “Every Moment, I Dream of Sleep”
* “Just Right”
* “And Everything Nice”
* Afterword