Moon Dreams

Moon Dreams by Patricia Rice

American Dream: Book 2
by Patricia Rice

$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-459-8

Raised in rural isolation, Alyson Hampton is bereft after the death of her aristocratic English grandfather. Introduced to society, she is horrified to learn that her illegitimacy–and the wealth she’s inherited–leave her a target for fortune hunters. Fleeing the only home she’s ever known, she nearly falls prey to her devilish cousin, until a dashing Scotsman comes to her rescue.

Thanks to the hated English, Rory, Laird Maclean, is the last of his family. He is a wanted rebel in England, a smuggler in the Americas, and intent on buying back his former home.

Then the wealthiest–most virtuous–heiress in all the kingdom falls into his lap. What’s a blackguard to do when smitten by this virtuous beauty? Alyson insists on marriage. Rory would sooner rob an Englishwoman than marry one.

Even should love find a way, the Maclean is reluctant to trade her virtue for the price on his head…


“Ms. Rice is a surefire bet to steal your heart away…” —Romantic Times Reviews

American Dream Series:
Rebel Dreams
Moon Dreams

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