Meet Myself There

Meet Myself There by Brenda W. Clough

Edge to Center: Book 2
by Brenda W. Clough
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-769-8
A BVC Original

Colonel Ben Ming can defend his nation Jalanesia and his wife, the President, from all the usual foes. But not from time traveler Jack Wragsland.

What good is time travel anyway? For Col. Ben Ming, head of Jalanesia’s armed forces and husband of President Calla Ang, it’s nothing but a headache.

Time Traveler Jack Wragsland transported Calla to this space/time. So it wouldn’t be fair to simply shoot him, when Jack’s enemies attack him through Calla. But boy, is it a temptation. If Ben is going to save Calla he’s going to have to save Jack as well, even if it makes him crazy.

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