The Washington Witches Series, Volumes 1-3

Washington Witches Volumes 1-3 by Mindy Klasky

The Washington Witches Series, Volumes 1-3
by Mindy Klasky
$8.99 (Omnibus) ISBN 978-0-9854570-0-6


Three cozy paranormal romances by USA Today bestselling author Mindy Klasky, in one enchanting volume.

This boxed set introduces Jane Madison, a librarian who finds out she’s a witch.

This boxed set includes three cozy paranormal romances about Jane Madison, a librarian who finds out she’s a witch.

Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft: Jane Madison has a problem. Or two. Or three. She’s working as a librarian, trapped in a job that can’t pay what she’s worth. She has a desperate crush on her Imaginary Boyfriend. Her grandmother wants to reunite her with her long-absent mother. And then, she finds out she’s a witch! Will magic solve Jane’s problems? Or only bring her more disasters?

Sorcery and the Single Girl: Jane Madison has been invited to join the prestigious Washington Coven—provided she passes their difficult test. If she fails, she’ll lose her beloved books, her feline familiar, and her hunky warder. But Jane’s handsome new boyfriend is awfully distracting, and her new witchy friend keeps urging her to break the rules. Will Jane meet the Coven’s challenge? Or is she washed up as a Washington witch?

Magic and the Modern Girl: Jane learns a magical lesson the hard way: use it or lose it! Her neglected powers are disappearing, her handsome warder David Montrose is ignoring her, and her cat-like familiar has moved out of her home. Even her family life is in chaos. (Really, what octogenarian grandmother gets married—with orange-and-silver bridesmaid dresses?) Will Jane’s last-ditch spell restore order to her world?

This boxed set contains bonus recipes related to the series!

Free sample chapters are available at the links for the individual titles.