Jackie’s Boy

Jackie's Boy by Steven Popkes

by Steven Popkes

ISBN 978-1-61138-949-4
A BVC Original

Plagues broke the world.

In a violent new America infested with disease and mutated creatures, Michael, an eleven-year old orphan, and Jackie, a sophisticated, intelligent, articulate elephant, set out on a journey of discovery and survival through the post-apocalyptic ruins.

It means facing out of control agribots, bioengineered lily pads, crocodiles, and bad men with guns.

Michael can hardly wait.


“What a terrific book–I kept getting sucked into reading. Really tight writing, and fascinating dystopia.” – Sherwood Smith, author of Senrid

“A Post-Apocalyptic Huck Finn.” -Sara Stamey, author of The Ariadne Connection

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