It’s Raining Angels And Demons

It's Raining Angels and Demons by Jennifer Stevenson

A Slacker Demons Novella
by Jennifer Stevenson

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ISBN 978-1-61138-486-4

Heaven doesn’t remember them, Hell doesn’t want them, and horny women are after them. It’s raining angels and demons!

MAN DROUGHT ENDS! Angels and demons fall into the arms of love-deprived women in a sleepy Chicago neighborhood. Only two women get cheated, when one angel and one demon escape and find refuge with a team of sex demons. But they’re not safe yet! Those two women are hunting them.

Keek’s self-esteem problems have led to a certain lifestyle with men. Angel Jioffriel is innocent in every way until he stumbles into Keek’s arms, but he’s judgmental about her lifestyle.

Mella is pickier than Keek. When she meets demon Mutmumtazarek, for the first time she sees past a guy’s flaws—the six inch claws, the bat wings, and other demonic attributes—to the frightened beast inside.

Can the sex demons teach Jeff and Mutt enough to satisfy the women they love?

It’s raining angels and demons!


“This is fabulous!”
—Patricia Rice, bestselling author of Undercover Genius

“Shorter and way more sex!”
—Anonymous reader

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