Indigo Moon

Indigo Moon by Patricia Rice

Dark Lords and Dangerous Ladies: Book 5
by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-713-1

An infamous earl and the untamed daughter of a duke never marry conveniently

As the only daughter of a duke, proud and spirited Lady Aubree is accustomed to having her way, until the day her father denies her the only man she could possibly love. In a fit of despair, she rebelliously turns to the infamous Earl of Heathmont to help her gain her estate.

Rumor has it that the earl murdered his first wife, but he has urgent military reasons to catch the duke’s attention. When innocent Lady Aubree flings herself into his arms, he has even better reason to offer the marriage the duke demands–the lady is the most fascinating female to grace his company in years.

Convinced she belongs with another, they agree to annulment once their goals are met. But powerful passion–and love–may change the rules…

Originally published 1988

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Indigo Moon

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