God’s Country

God's Country by Steven Popkes

by Steven Popkes
$6.99 (Novel)
ISBN 978-1-61138-901-2

A BVC Original

If God were a pill, would you take it?

Cindy Fiske hates her high school life from her vice cop father, Jake, to her biochemist mother, Anya. Of course, she runs away and into the waiting arms of Connie Samoa who runs a high price call girl ring. Then, Anya’s boss starts sampling her secret drug project and things get really strange.

After all, with sex, prostitution, crooked cops, televangelists, psychopaths, an eclipse and illicit neurochemistry, what could go wrong?

Welcome to God’s Country.


Stone-cold action with a hook: If God were a pill, would you take it?
—Sarah Smith, internationally bestselling author of Crimes and Survivors and The Vanished Child

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