Ghostly Whistles

Ghostly Whistles by Irene Radford

Whistling River Lodge Mysteries #4
by Irene Radford
$4.99 (Novel)
ISBN 978-1-61138-984-5

A BVC Original

Whistling River Lodge vs Las Vegas Mob = no problem.
Whistling River Lodge vs Spook chasers, ghosts, and Sasquatch at Halloween = that is a problem.

The Cascadia Paranormal Society invades the Lodge, but they are searching for more than ghosts. Albert Allegheny demands that Lodge-owners Glenna McClain and her new husband Craig Knudsen turn over all the evidence they have collected on Bigfoot. She has spotted a few suspicious things in the forest but evidence? No way. Except the pandemic has cost the local community dearly, and the dollars this obnoxious man represents could help the town.

Then a member of the Society shows up dead, and the resident ghosts go to ground. That means cancelling the Halloween party and Masque Ball, threatening Glenna’s bottom line even more–not to mention the poor night clerk accused of the crime.

Then Glenna discovers Albert Allegheny is a dangerous fraud out to steal her business. To save her lodge and her community, Glenna has to find the murderer and expose Allegheny for what he is. With a little help from her best friend–the local resident witch–and some surprise dancing guests, the lodge community team up to solve the crime and save the lodge. The ghosts have few other surprises in mind as well.

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