Fractured Fairy Tales

by Alma Alexander
$4.99 (Collection) ISBN 978-1-61138-961-6
A BVC Original

The best fairy tales are true.

Fairy tales – new-told, re-told, re-invented, rebuilt, new-visioned. Fairy tales are the building blocks not just of fantasy but of all fiction, the original Story, the thing we all grew up on. This is a return to those roots, and an entirely new vision of all that a fairy tale was, is, or can be.


“Alexander’s work is brilliant. A weaver of words, Alma Alexander is a
true storyteller. Her characters and worlds come to life and keep me
spellbound until the very last page.” – Yasmine Galenorn, NYT
Bestselling Author

“I love Alma Alexander’s writing. Reading one of her stories is like
having a beautiful and intense conversation that you walk away from
realizing that you’ve learned something you didn’t know about
yourself.” – Leigh Grossman, author of “The Green Lion” and “The
Lost Daughters”, creator of “Sense of Wonder”

“The list of story names alone gives me the shiver of recognition: we
have come into the hands of a myth-maker, a dreamer of dreams, who
handles language like a Ninja. You will not be disappointed” – Ellen
Kushner, author of “Swordspoint” and “Thomas the Rhymer”

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