Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise by Jennifer Stevenson

Backstage Boys Book Two
by Jennifer Stevenson
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-98284-405-2

A blue-collar romantic comedy of feuds, follies, and getting your fingernails dirty

Bobbyjay and Daisy are considered the dumbest members of their two families.  When his male relatives get creative during the smelt run, Bobbyjay and Daisy have to get engaged to prevent these stagehand Montagues and Capulets from reanimating their old blood feud. But the two families would rather make war, not love.  They’ll stop at nothing zany to break the match.

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I loved this book, there was romance, heartache, foul play, and the biggest ass feud ever thrown into this story.  … I melted for Bobbyjay … I’ll love you Bobbyjay, come to mama and she’ll make it all better Gorgeous. *kiss*  why don’t you all grab a copy of his book and have fun. It’s a great read. Enjoy!!
Goodreads Madame D *****

Oh man this was so funny I loved the quirky fun loving read with some intense hot yummy scenes.
Amazon Melhaf *****

Daisy and Bobbyjay are great leads for the novel, bringing sanity and intelligence to two families filled with moronic males.
Goodreads Dianne Leigh Owens *****

FOOLS PARADISE gives us Daisy and Bobbyjay, the youngest sprigs from modern Capulet and Montague trees, in a blue-collar Jacobean comedy of feuds, follies, and getting your fingernails dirty. Set in today’s Chicago world of union families, ethnic mixes and purely finding yourself, FOOLS PARADISE shows us that there are a lot of smarts, manners and good humor hiding under these blue-collar folks.
Amazon Katharine Eliska Kimbriel *****

Any time a romantic comedy can make me laugh out loud, it’s a winner as far as I’m concerned. There is one particular bedroom scene that is absolutely hysterical, but the entire book is lots of light-hearted fun interwoven with beautiful character development. I didn’t know a thing about stagehands or how unions work, so I got a bit of an education about that as well. I liked this book so much I came back to purchase King of Hearts!
Amazon Barbara Meyers *****