Finding the Eye

Finding the Eye by Jill Zeller

by Hunter Morrison (a pen name of Jill Zeller)
(Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-413-0

Using a peculiar camera she found, Maxine Nutbeam photographs her cousin’s life-sized horse sculpture and it comes to life. Coming from a long line of Nutbeams possessing erratic, careless magical abilities, Maxine encounters the camera’s owner Dante, whose supernatural skills as a Time Mage surpass even Maxine’s vivid imaginings. Rushed headlong into sorcery, danger and chaos, Maxine uncovers her mother’s secret and the mystery of her own birth. She is having the time of her life, but time is running out.


Very cool YA fantasy set in an alternative Seattle where time and cameras are not what we think of them. Complete with a conspiracy between two ancient sects battling to keep the world together and a young girl whose actions will tip the balance. A magical horse, mages and demi mages and a wicked villain. Oh and lovely writing. What else could you ask for?

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