Fantastical Ramblings

Fantastical Ramblings by Irene Radford

A collection of short fantasy fiction
by Irene Radford
$3.99 (Collection) ISBN 978-1-61138-251-8

Roam with Herakles in search of a safe home for a magical sword, go into exile with a descendant of Merlin, and learn the wisdom of a wolfhound pup to help you wander along newly forged paths into the imagination. Award winning author Irene Radford presents twelve fantasy stories including classics, out of print anthology pieces, and a tantalizing new tale or two.

Table of Contents:

The Sword of Herakles
The Final Choice
Of Rats, and Cats, and Teenagers
Lady’s Choice
Image of the Beast
Dragon Treasure
Draconis ex Machina
I Found Friends in Strange Places
The Curse of the Pendragon
More to Truth than Proof
Not my Knot
The Fall

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