Dragon Virus

Dragon Virus by Laura Anne Gilman

Dragon Virus
by Laura Anne Gilman
$2.99 (story collection) ISBN 978-1-61138-178-8 

“Laura Anne Gilman makes you care. You care about her characters and their choices; you care about what’s happening to their world.” 
—Walter Jon Williams

It began soon after the Millennium. Reports of newborns with strange malformations, too weak to live…caused by a single genetic mutation. Or, as the press quickly dubbed it, the Dragon Virus. Scientists predicted that it was an evolutionary dead end; that the mutation would burn itself out quickly; that it was nothing to be worried about.

They were wrong.

Every racial type. Almost every continent. No known cause. Human-created, maybe. Or just God, throwing the dice. Infecting us, warping us. Tied into our genetic code, from here on in. No known treatment. No idea where even to begin.

Everything was about to change.

Six connected stories, charting the end – beginning – of everything we know, everything we fear, everything we hope for….

With an Introduction by Walter Jon Williams

Praise for Dragon Virus

“Stunningly successful…A potent ride through a changing future, exploring themes and ideas that resonate as much in the modern day as in her darkly evolving future.”   —SF Signal

“A gripping adventure from start to finish, Dragon Virus is highly recommended.”   —Midwest Book Review

“What would happen if a new, genetically linked virus should spread through the world?   Laura Anne Gilman takes us on a tour of the aftermath of a change in the very nature of human society….with colorful characters and situations and an innovative slang to set the atmosphere.” —Critical Mass

“A bold tale of generations and families in conflict over the very definition of what it means to be human.     —Steve Rasnic Tem, author of Excavation

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