Danse Mécanique

Danse Mécanique by Steven Popkes

by Steven Popkes
$5.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-954-8
A BVC Original

Dot 1.0, a performing software robot, does as she is told.

Dot 2.0 has other ideas.

Dot 1.0 is a performing software robot that can bring any audience to its feet. She can sing. She can dance. She can gauge her effect on people to the millimeter. She cannot create material of her own.

Dot 2.0 can do everything Dot 1.0 can do plus write songs and tailor them to each audience. Songs to bring tears. Songs to bring laughter.

Dot 1.0 does what she is told.

Dot 2.0 has other ideas.



“…[e]ven if you don’t know a clarinet from Middle C, even if the phrase uncanny valley means nothing to you, I highly suggest finding a copy of this story and reading it.” – The Little Red Review

“Sometimes you know that you’re going to like a story within the first couple of sentences. This is one of them.” – reiszwolf

“Popkes is good. The story is anchored by some heavy music neep, the inside guts of composition and performance…A complex tangle of characters who come together to make some good fictional music.” – Lois Tilton, Locus

“A brilliant piece. The genius of the author’s musical experience effortlessly channels through Jacob, and the increasingly emotion-laden interaction between Jacob and Dot sometimes gets very intense. A must read.” – Louis West, Tangent Online

“…[t]his story works well because it creates an ambiguous protagonist who is interesting and real” – https://featuredfutures.wordpress.com/

“A moving and thoughtful story.” – Rich Horton, Locus, Dec. 2012

“I loved this story and read it slowly, savoring it. You do that, too. Needless to say this will be on my Best Novella Hugo short list for next year.” – SFRevu

“What happens over the course of a few months is a story of emerging artificial intelligence, tenuous relationships and personal growth. It’s quite an excellent story, for reasons not least of which include characters you care about, interesting and subtly meaningful exchanges between them, and a meta-depiction of music that even non-musicians like myself can easily grasp.” – sfsignal

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