Damn Him to Hell

Damn Him to Hell by Patricia Rice writing as Jamie Quaid

Saturn’s Daughters Book 2
by Patricia Rice writing as Jamie Quaid
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-931-9

In which Tina learns she can be a Fury meting out justice, or a lawyer, not both.

Tina Clancy’s post-bar-exam celebration erupts in a melee after poisonous pink particles leave her neighbors inexplicably pummeling each other, then keeling over, comatose. Her home in Baltimore’s already-weird Zone has been contaminated once by Acme Chemical. Now the company is at it again, ferrying the unconscious bodies of friends to a notorious experimental lab instead of to the hospital.

After being accidentally damned to hell, Tina’s ex-boyfriend Max is back–but not for long if his demon grandmother has her way. If that’s not frightening enough, Tina has to prevent her dangerously immoral boss Andre from turning her new home into a battleground in his war with Acme–or from turning his guns on Max.

As a daughter of Saturn, Tina has the power to dispense justice, but her gift often comes with disastrous consequences. Only this time, Tina is on her own. There’s a very real chance that saving her friends will happen over her dead body.

Saturn’s Daughters series in order:
Boyfriend From Hell
Damn Him to Hell
Giving Him Hell

Originally published by Pocket Books (2012)