Coed Demon Sluts Omnibus

Coed Demon Sluts: Omnibus by Jennifer Stevenson

Coed Demon Sluts: Books 1-5
by Jennifer Stevenson
ISBN 978-1-61138-693-6

Aren’t you tired of doing everything right?

Wouldn’t you like a second chance to go back and do it wrong?

Coed Demon Sluts: There’s always room on the team.

This series of feminist women’s fiction novels features shoes and shopping, massive quantities of food and controlled substances, all-girl hot tubbing, rrriot-grrl rage, rollicking, revenge, renewal, and rejoicing. Six women find out what they’re made of by making themselves into something totally other.

This Omnibus contains the entire series:
Coed Demon Sluts: Beth
Coed Demon Sluts: Jee
Coed Demon Sluts: Melitta
Coed Demon Sluts: Amanda
Coed Demon Sluts: Pog


Fun and enjoyable
I bought Vol. 3 Melitta first, then picked up Vol.1, Beth, finally grabbed the omnibus when it became available. The stories build on the previous volumes, but are written independently enough to stand on their own without any head scratching because something from a previous story popped up, enough back story to let you know what’s going on without getting tedious. A very fun and entertaining series, with a twist.
*****B. Toberman, Amazon reader

So sad it’s over
I read this omnibus collection all at once as one big book. Now I’m going to have a very hard time finding and enjoying my next book. I came to these books for the title and stayed for the story. These characters are very relatable and I found that I really cared about them. The girls make a kick ass team and have a house boy as well. I wish I could join them. I really hope this is not the end. I would love to go on more adventures with these characters. These stories had me laughing till I was sore and also had some serious moments that gave me some food for thought. This is one of the few books worth spending your money on. Definitely recommended reading!
*****April McCleod, Amazon reader

Don’t be misled by the title…
It really helps to have the Books 1-5 Omnibus to binge on. I was laughing out loud at the many hilarious situations, descriptions and dialog. And be careful not to read when you’re hungry – the food descriptions are tantalizingly awesome, and will send you to the kitchen to chow down.
*****Stan Hutchings, Amazon reader

…compelling stories…
…about women in troubling life situations who get out of them with the help of her new friends and demon powers. Also, the books have a satirical view of heaven and hell and call them the Home Office and Regional Office respectively and present hell as a bureaucracy too worried about supporting its sheer size to bother with petty things like stealing souls and torturing them for eternity. (I imagine life in the Regional Office like the TV show “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.”)
***** panton41, Amazon reader

Entertaining tales that I wish were true!
Fun reading with a few serious life lessons thrown in if you are paying attention. Enjoyable characters that each have a story to tell. I hope Delilah keeps recruiting!
*****DBP, Amazon reader

Jennifer Stevenson writes very interesting and thoughtful books. If you dig deep enough there is a message to be found. … the demon chicks … They do it with love, compassion and plenty of humor! I highly recommend this book as it kept me awake reading many nights! It is a hard book to put down as there is so much you can see and learn. Coed Demon Sluts is the title but I see demon chicks with a message!
*****mathwizard, Amazon reader

Strong, sexy, smart women
Read them all, loved the all. Smart, sexy women at their best. Enticing plot lines, engrossing real life characters with a lot of humor thrown in. Great series.
*****Patricia Frantz, Amazon reader