Coed Demon Sluts: Beth

Coed Demon Sluts: Beth by Jennifer Stevenson

Coed Demon Sluts: Book 1
by Jennifer Stevenson

$2.99 FREE! (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-626-4
A BVC Original

Aren’t you tired of doing everything right?

Wouldn’t you like a second chance to go back and do it wrong?

Coed Demon Sluts: There’s always room on the team.

Beth is fifty, dumped by her husband for the babysitter, jobless, skill-less, homeless, cashless. She’s about to jump in front of a bus when she meets Delilah, recruiter for the “Regional Office” and receives an offer she can’t refuse: become a succubus for the Second Circle of Hell. Heartbroken, Beth decides to use the powers of her new sex demon body and the remains of her thrown-away life to track down her ex-husband and find out why he dumped her.

But Beth can’t get any information without help from her team, and she can’t accept their help until she learns something about what she has become–a coed demon slut–about who she’s always really been, and who she wants to be from now on.

The Coed Demon Sluts series:

Coed Demon Sluts: Beth
Coed Demon Sluts: Jee
Coed Demon Sluts: Melitta
Coed Demon Sluts: Amanda
Coed Demon Sluts: Pog
Coed Demon Sluts: Omnibus

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Gobbled this book up in 24 hours! A fun ride from beginning to end.
… What I didn’t expect was that the title was a tongue-in-cheek poke at the tired old trope of a bunch of hot young women who take advantage of men’s weakness for sex. By just a few pages in, I came to appreciate that the author was taking some very old ideas about women and sex and turning them inside out. I was hooked … In fact all of the Coed Demon Sluts have a story to tell, and very real female pain that drove them to sign the succubus contract. I plan to check out the rest of the COED DEMON SLUTS franchise, and I’m especially interested to see how Stevenson wrote Jee and Pog’s stories. … In short, this book managed to be real and raw and cheeky and sexy all at once. It was a really fun grown-up read.
*****Jamila C., Amazon reader

Delightful romp
… loaded with plenty of warm fuzzy comedy, very much an antidepressant in text format. It does fling sexy around like an overly hyperactive frat guy does a glow in the dark frisbee. However, It never really got terribly explicite. Maybe wouldn’t give it to a twelve year old, but sixteen? Go for it. fourteen? How well do you know your kid? Has some good morals, like money isn’t everything, and if the love isn’t real then you ought to stop torturing yourself over it and make some healthy changes. It hits on some good body\sex positive attitudes. If female empowerment is not your cup of tea then you should probably move along and find something appropriately oppressive and dogmatic. To the author, thank you for writing this book. It has helped me get over a bad time, and I think I can pull my dignity back around me and live forward again. Thank you.
*****Catherine Brecheen, Amazon reader

Laugh out loud romance
Very few books make me actually laugh out loud. Even fewer make me laugh out loud so hard tears run down my face and I can’t breathe. Jennifer Stevenson has accomplished both of those things with this book. This is a fun, sexy story about a woman who got the chance of a redo. She gets to be younger and thinner, while the rest of the world stays the same. She even gets paid! Who wouldn’t want this? … I’m not exactly sure what genre I would place this in because it seems to blend so many different genres together perfectly. It is sexy, without being too graphic; humorous, without being silly; romantic, without being too mushy. … This is a wonderful story and I look forward to reading about the rest of the Coed Demon Sluts.
*****Mom2three, VINE VOICE Amazon reader

Going to Hell, with the Perfect Handbag!
Originally received this as a series, delivered in a weekly episode format.
Beth is a freshly divorced older woman, left penniless to fend for herself after her husband dumps her for a MUCH younger woman. Beth is given a special offer: become a succubus, and tempt 3 men a month. For that, she gets a perfect body, the ability to shift shape, but most importantly, a chance to get even with the ex who did her wrong. … Her life with her companion succubi takes many twists and turns in Chicago before reaching a fun and satisfying conclusion.
*****Thomas S., Amazon reader

A Hell of a start for a new series
Describing what Jennifer Stevenson writes is challenging. … Whatever her books are, they’re a hell of a lot of fun (or should that be a Hell of a lot?)… never more literally than her new series, Coed Demon Sluts. … So who wouldn’t want to be one? There are actually some good reasons why you might not, but part of the beauty of the story is that it makes you think about questions like that… there’s a nugget of thoughtfulness under the fun exterior.
*****Shirley M Dulcey, Amazon reader

Surprising and excellent new series!
The author is quite brilliant creating her world of hinky Chicago and her characters are just that characters. I look forward to reading more about these funny, light hearted, broken and serious demon sluts. It’s a great start and I’m loving it!!!
*****Liz, Amazon reader

Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned…
This was an enjoyable fantasy, well written, balancing the pathos of youth lost and betrayed with the perks of becoming a demon. Lots of clever dialog and interesting situations, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it is not suitable for prudes or those who are devoutly religious.
*****Stan Hutchings, Amazon reader

Not as slutty as you might think
Wasn’t expecting the wonderfully developed plot. The story was entertaining and kept my interest throughout. Each of the characters that you meet are complex and fully developed. The slutty-ness is treated more as you would a passing pedicure or haircut, rather than the main theme of the story. I look forward to reading each character’s story of how she came to be recruited as a ‘Demon Slut’ and how her life continues. Like life, things are never as they seem at first glance.
*****kelly green, Amazon reader

Deal with the devil, best decision ever.
You are fifty..,ish. Divorced and your cheating ex husbands girlfriend just kicked you out of your house. Oh, and the settlement check bounced. What else can you do? You make a deal with the devil. … This is a caterpillar to butterfly story. It is fun and insightful all at the same time. You owe it to yourself to read this.
*****Alan Lynn, Amazon reader

Think of it as updated Virginia Wolfe Mrs. Dalloway, only she breaks free and gets revenge.
*****amateur historian, Amazon reader