Carolina Rebel

Carolina Rebel by Patricia Rice

Book 4 of Carolina Magnolia Series
by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel)
ISBN 978-1-61138-883-1

“… full of the warmth, humor and poignancy that make Rice’s books very special.” —Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Book Reviews

An ambitious MBA with a genius for opening her mouth when she shouldn’t, Aurora Jenkins wants nothing more than to leave her suffocating rural hometown and run back to the big city where she belongs.

Clay McCloud loves rural anonymity. After giving up his million-dollar lifestyle to pay back investors ruined by his MBA-wielding ex-fiancee, the last thing he needs is another woman with a fancy degree and rebellious plans.

But a real estate scam threatening both their families forces these two brilliantly stubborn people to recognize what’s really important and re-evaluate their dreams. . . and each other.

Previously titled Carolina Girl


“..Rice does such a good job of weaving the reader through each character, making them personable and the ending all the more romantic.”