California Girl

California Girl by Patricia Rice

Tales of Love and Mystery: Book 5
by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-296-9

Alys Seagraves has lost a home and a husband–she’s not about to lose her best friend, Mame. The elderly widow disappears from her hospital bed with only the slightest of clues to her whereabouts. With no transportation or understanding of where Mame has gone, Alys commandeers her friend’s ancient pink Cadillac and uptight nephew, Elliot Ross, to aid in her search.

As much as he loves the unpredictable aunt who raised him, Elliot is furious with Mame. He refuses to listen to the ludicrous fears of an obviously neurotic female who thinks she knows more than qualified professionals–whether they be doctors, like him, or the police. But as she drags him from his comfort zone on a mad ride down historic Route 66, he realizes Alys has more insight into his aunt’s dangerous path than he does.

Battling blizzards and murderous semi-drivers, they follow Mame’s trail in a last dash to save her life–and their own.

Originally published by Random House (2002)


“CALIFORNIA GIRL is a true gem and a call to live life everyday to the fullest. . . .Patricia Rice has penned an emotional and riveting masterpiece…” —Missy Andrews, Fallen Angel Reviews

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