Boyfriend From Hell

Boyfriend From Hell by Patricia Rice writing as Jamie Quaid

Saturn’s Daughters Book 1
by Patricia Rice writing as Jamie Quaid
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-930-2

Justice may be blind, but Justine sure as hell isn’t.

Except for a faulty arrest record and a job in Baltimore’s radioactive Zone, Justine (Tina) Clancy leads the life of an ordinary law student. That is, until she damns her boyfriend to hell–and he goes.

That’s how she learns she’s one of Saturn’s daughters, fated to bestow vigilante justice despite her determination to walk the straight and narrow. Tina refuses to accept that she sent poor Max up in flames, until he shows up in her mirror, warning her of danger. Over the objections of her immoral but sexy boss, Andre Legrande, she launches an investigation into her ex’s not-so-accidental death.

Tina stalks Max’s killer through the Zone, where buildings glow blue and Dumpsters dance. Always a loner, she unexpectedly acquires a posse that includes a shape-shifting chimp, an invisible teen, a Studly Do-right cop, and . . . maybe . . . her smoldering-hot boss. With Max in hell and Andre in her face, Tina juggles saving her own skin, unraveling a mystery that threatens her new friends, and learning a dangerous new meaning to studying for finals.

Saturn’s Daughters series in order:
Boyfriend From Hell
Damn Him to Hell
Giving Him Hell

Originally published by Pocket Books (2012)


“Unlike many down-on-their-luck heroes who never seem to suffer, Quaid’s characters are genuinely desperate, lending a real sense of danger and urgency. Without a vampire, werewolf, or fallen angel to be seen, this strong debut is a pleasantly fresh take [on the genre].”–Publishers Weekly