Barefoot Pirate

Barefoot Pirate by Sherwood Smith - Cover Image

by Sherwood Smith
$3.00 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-053-8

With two bossy older sisters, Joe wishes for escape and adventure. Nan doesn’t have any friends, and is desperate to escape her bleak world.

Joe and Nan would never have spoken if they hadn’t both reached for the same odd little book on a shelf in their favorite part of the library, the adventure stories.

They agree to share it… and discover not just a story, but a promise that magic is real, and that someone from another world is needed to break a spell.

When the magic works, Joe is delighted to find himself in another world, one without school, homework—or obnoxious sisters.

Nan is even more thrilled, and determined to create a new life for her past, she tells a very small lie about her past … that she’s a princess.

Do they want to join Blackeye’s gang of pirate kids, who are determined to rescue an enchanted prince?

Pirates—orphan gangs—magic—castles—and spies abound as Nan and Joe discover magic and adventure… and who they really are.

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Barefoot Pirate 



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