A Hinky Taste Of You

Hinky Chicago #5
by Jennifer Stevenson
ISBN 978-1-61138-121-4

A roller derby vampire romance set in Hinky Chicago, from the author of The Hinky Brass Bed.

Hel is an energy vampire.  Nick is an anti-magic cop.  Hel loves Nick’s yummy energy.  Nick is aroused by magic.  If he figures her out, he’ll send her to Hinky Guantanamo.  But can they keep their hands off each other?

Hel became an energy vampire at seventeen and reduced her first lover to ashes. Forty years later, she still looks seventeen.  Hel’s life is teaching hyperactive boys, roller derby, and worrying about paying her mother’s hospital bills.

Nick Jones, federal anti-magic cop, has a secret, too. Magic turns him on, to his shame. This makes it hard for Nick when he’s assigned to recruit Hel.

Nick feels guilty for his attraction to a teenager.  Hel adores Nick’s yummy energy.  If he learns she’s a vampire, he’ll send her to Hinky Guantanamo.

But can they keep their hands off each other?

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A Hinky Taste of You

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“an enjoyable fun quick read…. This story takes place in the same world as her Brass Bed series, but because the characters are totally different, it won’t hurt to read this one out of order. If you haven’t read anything else by Jennifer Stevenson yet, I would recommend this one as a good introduction.”
— Rebecca Jaxon

“I finished Taste of You and I loved it!  I immediately kindled the Stagehands one to read next–very impressed! ♥”
— Nicole Matos

“…a fun quirky vampire paranormal romance … Have a good laugh, a cry, a flutter of nerves waiting in anticipation, with the problems they have to face. Read this hot, steamy, sexy book and meet these horny Characters.”
— Melissa Craig

“This book was very entertaining. It made me laugh out loud at some points. I will be reading more from this author. I couldn’t put it down!!!”
— tattooma

“This was an easy, fun read. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh.”
— Magelet87

“I have been waiting eagerly, impatiently, hungrily for Stevenson’s next book in the Hinky Chicago world and A Taste of You does not disappoint. I bought it one afternoon last weekend, read it that night without putting it down, and now… I’m waiting again. I can’t get enough of this world. … Stevenson’s Hinky Chicago owes nothing to any existing magic-touched world. It’s the freshest and most creative concept imaginable… and the most convincing.

Not only that, the writing is intelligent, snappy, and utterly absorbing, the plot is fast-paced and enjoyably wild, and the characters are fun to be around.

This is wonderful stuff. Wonderful. Encore! Encore!”
— Elaine McCarthy “ECM”

“I ended up actually really enjoying this book. It was a nice fresh take on the vampire type genre where instead of living off blood…The book was quite entertaining, but what I ended up liking most about the book was how funny it was. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun quick read.”
— LyzzieB

“This is my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it… I enjoyed all the roller derby action and the cool names the girls had given themselves. I especially enjoyed all the names for the different moves the girls would put on people.”
— Squeak “The Dragon Mother”