Book View Cafe welcomes David D. Levine

David D. Levine, photo by Mike Ward

David D. Levine’s short stories have appeared in Asimov’s, F&SF, Analog, Realms of Fantasy, and numerous other magazines, websites, and anthologies, including four Year’s Best volumes (two SF, two Fantasy). He’s won a Hugo (Best Short Story, for “Tk’Tk’Tk“) and has received many other awards and nominations. David lives in Portland, Oregon, where he’s spent more than half his life, and is now happily retired after working for 24 years at Tektronix, Intel, and McAfee.

David likes to think of himself as a writer who takes the classic ideas of Golden Age SF and gives them a fresh, up-to-date presentation… the SF equivalent of a New Beetle or Mini Cooper. He co-edits the fanzine Bento with his wife, Kate Yule, and their website is at

Please join us in welcoming David to Book View Café. Our bookstore houses his collection, Space Magic, as well as the individual stories.

Over on the BVC Blog, David offers an excerpt from Space Magic: the beginning of “Wind from a Dying Star,” and blogs about writing “The Tale of the Golden Eagle.”