Book View Café: Find Our Authors Online

Link to BVC Twitter account

Many of our authors keep other homes and hangouts online. Follow the links below to individual authors’ social media accounts and personal websites.

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Alma Alexander

C.L. Anderson

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Chaz Brenchley

Marie Brennan

Brenda Clough

Chris Dolley

Marissa Doyle

Diana Pharaoh Francis

Sylvia Kelso

Katharine Kerr

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Julianne Lee

Ursula K. Le Guin

Vonda N. McIntyre

Shannon Page

Steven Popkes

Phyllis Irene Radford

Patricia Rice

Dave Smeds

Sherwood Smith

Sara Stamey

Jennifer Stevenson

Jill Zeller

Sarah Zettel