A Hinky Universe Bundle

A Hinky Universe Bundle by Jennifer Stevenson

Dip into three different paranormal series set in a city with magic on its mind. You need a laugh in your day. This bundle contains the first book from three different series set in the same magical universe: The Hinky Brass Bed (Hinky Chicago), It’s Raining Men (Slacker Demons), and Coed Demon Sluts: Beth (Coed Demon Sluts). Continue reading


The Hinky Brass Bed

When Officer Jewel Heiss goes undercover to bust a fake sex therapist, she doesn’t expect to find he’s no fake…or that his “treatment bed” is possessed by a sex demon. She really doesn’t expect to be the lucky woman who releases the demon from the bed! Continue reading


Jennifer Stevenson

JenLiterary-186x186x72Hi, I’m Jennifer Stevenson, the well-meaning wack job responsible for magical realist novel Trash Sex Magic, and a lot of series. Everything here is guaranteed funny.

Hinky Chicago urban fantasy
Slacker Demons paranormal romance
Coed Demon Sluts women’s fiction fantasy
Liars in Love contemporary romcom
Backstage Boys blue-collar romcom

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