Latest Release: Sunborn

Sunborn by Jeffrey A. Carver

Book 4 of The Chaos Chronicles
by Jeffrey A. Carver
$6.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-804-6

Stars are dying. Bandicut and his friends must learn what threatens the Starmaker Nebula–and confront a billion-year-old adversary of life as they know it.

John Bandicut and his companions are summoned to travel to a star-cloud called Starmaker—known to humans as the Orion Nebula—to discover what force threatens myriad newborn stars, and every world within a thousand light-years. Their journey will take them not just into the perils of a stellar nursery, but into confrontation with the Mindaru, a billion-year-old AI and adversary of life as they know it. Whatever chance they have of stopping the terrifying Mindaru may be found only in the fiery heart of an intelligent sun—with the unexpected aid of sentient clouds named Deep and Dark, who may be the strangest beings they have yet encountered in their exceedingly strange journey.

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