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Welcome to Witchlandia

Police procedural like you’ve never seen it!

Welcome to Witchlandia

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Release Date : May 10, 2016

ISBN Number : 978-1-61138-606-6

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Police procedural like you’ve never seen it!

Katelin is a witch flyer, one of the few able to ride a Stick with the power of her mind. She flies for the Boston Police Department in a world where any paranormal gift is rare, and supernatural abilities are treasured–and feared.

David Sabado has overcome mental illness to become one of the finest pianists in the country.

Five years ago, Katelin Loquess thought she had everything–love with David, a wonderful job, and the joy of flying. Now, David has left, the job is miserable and the joy has disappeared.

Then the murders start and Katelin and David meet again. Each murder connected to them. Each one getting closer.


“Welcome to Witchlandia is an exciting and fun combination of hard-boiled police procedural and supernatural thriller.”
– James L. Cambias, author of The Darkling Sea

“Boston police are tough. But no one’s as tough as a rookie female witch. Police procedural like you’ve never seen it!”
– Sarah Smith, author of The Vanished Child

“The colorful array of characters in Welcome to Witchlandia flit across genres with aplomb. Expect romance and murder, cops and concert pianists and one memorable witch on a not-quite quite broomstick. Steven Popkes’s new novel is a treat!”
– James Patrick Kelly, winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards


Steven Popkes lives in Massachusetts on two acres of land where he and his wife garden, grow bananas and breed turtles. His day job consists of writing support software for space and ballistic systems. He insists he is not a rocket scientist. He is a rocket engineer.

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Copenhagen, 1926

The sun glared off the snow, shining the early November light into the room as if from a mirror.

Niels Bohr noticed when he walked into the light he felt noticeably warmer than when he walked into its shadow.

Werner Heisenberg stared outside the window without moving.

“You are taking it too hard,” Niels said.

Werner waved his hand in the air, the smoke from his cigarette making spiral figures. “Schrödinger’s ‘visualization is not quite right’—he is correct in that, certainly. His visualization is crap.”

“Werner,” said Niels gently. “He has shown his wave equation and your matrix mechanics are equivalent.”


“Did you read Von Neumann’s paper?”

“Yes,” Werner said shortly.

“He shows that both sets of equations can be shown to be equivalent in Hilbert space. Is that crap?”

Werner remained silent for a moment. “There is a fundamental problem. A presumption that there is anything there at all until it is measured.”

“Yes. Even Erwin admits that.”

“Then, we cannot know that which cannot be measured!”

“Yes.” Niels thought for a moment. “But there is opportunity there.”

Werner looked away from the window. “What do you mean?”

“It is true that we cannot know that which cannot be measured,” said Niels casually. “But the corollary is also true: we can know that which can be measured.”

Werner looked blank. “Yes.”

“We can measure the speed of light to be a constant and the lensing of light in a gravitational field. Thereby, we can know relativity. We can measure the interference pattern of light and the activity of electrons. Therefore, we can know quantum mechanics.”

“We can’t know everything. Not everything can be measured.”

Niels nodded. “I know. But let us remain with those things that can be measured.”

“All right.”

“Quantum mechanics and relativity are two independent views of how the world behaves. How we observe the universe determines what we will observe.”

“Of course.”

“There is an apparent contradiction between quantum mechanics and relativity. I am not saying this contradiction will stand, but it does stand now. There could, therefore, be other views of world behavior equally rigorous and compelling but with equally strong apparent contradiction as there is between relativity and quantum mechanics. A verifiable observation contradicting both quantum mechanics and relativity would require its own different view of the universe.”

Werner stared at him. “What are you talking about?”

Niels paused for a moment and knocked the ash from his cigarette. “I must tell you about my mother.”

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