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Tom Kelley’s Ghost and Other Stories

20 stories from master storyteller Steven Popkes

Tom Kelley’s Ghost and Other Stories

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Release Date : December 26, 2023

ISBN Number : 978-1-63632-205-6


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20 stories from master storyteller Steven Popkes

Another Perfect Day
The Birds of Isla Mujeres
Love in the Company of Ghosts
The Ice
The Rose Garden
This Old Man
Agent of Change
Bread and Circus
By the Levee
Two Rivers
The Butterfly Man
Mister President
Mother Mary
Prisoner’s Dilemma
On the Set
Tom Kelley’s Ghost

Steven Popkes lives in Massachusetts on two acres where he and his wife raise bananas, persimmons, and turtles.

He works in aerospace making sure rockets continue to go where they are pointed. He insists he is not a rocket scientist.

He is a rocket engineer.

For updates, notional entries, subscription to newsletters, blog, and all-around interesting things, look at his website:

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Tom nodded. Dan was sitting close to his right. Tom reached for his glass as if he’d forgotten he’d finished it, made a fist and backhanded Dan with all his strength. Dan fell back off his chair. Tom followed up the blow with a vicious kick to Dan’s groin. Dan doubled up and the breath came out of him in a faint shriek. Tom pulled open Dan’s coat and found the pistol he knew was there and a small glittering knife he didn’t.

“Kids.” Tom put the barrel of the pistol against Dan’s throat. “Where do you think Derek is?”

“Trolley,” Dan croaked. “A street entrance to the underground.”

“Thank you.”

“Tell me,” said Dan as soon as he was able to breathe. “Do you know she’s not your daughter?”

“Yes.” Tom hid the pistol in his jacket pocket and left the tavern.

—From “Tom Kelley’s Ghost”

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Three science fiction stories: “Screwtop,” “Steelcollar Worker,” “The Genius Freaks”