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The Elf Deception

Some days, the question isn’t whether or not you will die, it’s how.

The Elf Deception

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Release Date : March 12, 2024

ISBN Number : 978-1-94475-612-3


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Some days, the question isn’t whether or not you will die, it’s how.

Mallory Jade is about to do something very risky and undoubtedly stupid. It won’t be the first time, but it may be her last.

Reunited with the man she loves and enjoying a life of luxury and incredible sex, she should be happy. Except she and her boyfriend, Law, are both walking on eggshells as they navigate their complicated relationship. It doesn’t help that her seventeen ghost companions are so bored they’re playing poltergeist tricks, or that she’s bound to a demon who delights in tormenting her. As if all that weren’t bad enough, she’s getting blamed for Law’s magical pet goat stealing the Housekeeper’s underwear.

When she and Law clash over her professional choices, Mal recklessly accepts a job she knows better than to take: working for an elf.

They say the definition of insanity is to repeat an action and expect a different outcome. The magical community says working for elves is insanity squared. But Mal has something to prove, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let anything like caution or reason get in her way – even if it kills her.

Mission: Magic Book Two
Diana Pharaoh Francis is the USA Today and Amazon Bestselling writer of fantastical, adventurous, and often romantic fiction. She holds a Ph.D. in Victorian literature and literary theory. She’s owned by a corgi, a mini blue heeler, and a blue-eyed corgi mix. She spends much of her time gardening, airbrush painting, herding children, and avoiding housework. She likes rocks, geocaching, horses, knotting up yarn, and has a thing for 1800s England, especially the Victorians.

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Chapter One

Mal wasn’t certain how long she’d run before she escaped the topiary maze. The walls and paths had a habit of changing themselves up, and a dozen or so of the more bloodthirsty topiary beasts had been zealous about chasing her, especially the hyenas, all in the name of entertainment. She’d managed to dodge, outsmart, and outrun them without once getting caught. They wouldn’t have killed her, but the whole fun of the topiary was not knowing how badly you might get hurt.

She grimaced, swiping the sweat off her face with her sleeve. Or in her case, the point was distraction. She grabbed a bottle of water from the bag she’d left in a cubicle outside the maze and guzzled half of it. Sweat slicked her skin and matted her hair to her head. She glanced around, wondering where the ghosts had got off to.

They were bored. After almost a month sitting around doing nothing, they weren’t the only ones going stir crazy. She needed a job. She finished her water and picked up her bag. Maybe she should call Ivan.

Her jaw knotted. The idea made her want to punch someone—Ivan would be a good choice—and maybe get her head checked.

A few weeks ago, her former boss had sent her out on a job tracking an incubus who’d stolen a mystical box, which Mal was ordered to recover. Only Ivan hadn’t said that the box contained a command stone for a demon. He hadn’t said that said demon was hunting the box, too. He hadn’t said that if the box was opened and someone should happen to touch the command stone, they’d end up irrevocably bound to a demon for the rest of their life.

So’la—the demon in question—had thought up a brilliant idea to manipulate and torture her into opening the box, leaving out the ever-pertinent fact that touching the damned stone was a huge no-no, and now Mal was the demon-bastard’s unwilling master. Of course, if So’la had bothered to tell her what was going on, she’d have helped him open the box and he could have taken the damned stone and they’d both be free. But no, he couldn’t be bothered to just ask.

“Fucking idiot,” she muttered. “And then he has the nerve to blame me for enslaving him. Like I even wanted to. Like I like being bound to him.”

Realizing she was talking out loud like a crazy person, she pinched her lips shut and headed for the nearby refreshments bar as her stomach growled. She hadn’t bothered eating when she’d woken up at the crack of dawn to discover herself in bed with a goat and without her boyfriend, Law.

A goat was a poor substitute, even a cute one like Elliot.

She absolutely didn’t resent Law staying out all night. He was Effrayant’s security witch and that meant he was always on the clock. Mal totally understood that. It would have been nice if he’d called though.

She sighed at herself. Please, bitch. Like that really matters. The actual problem was that their relationship was so tense that any time they were together, their conversations were awkward, stilted, and careful and she’d begun to wonder if Law really was busy or if he’d started avoiding her.

She was doing her damnedest to find a comfortable groove with him, but it seemed the only time they really meshed was in bed, and holy shit did they do a lot of hot, kinky, orgasmic meshing. Though in all honesty, the bed wasn’t involved all that often, maybe because it was easier to have sex than have one of their uncomfortable conversations. Easier and so much more fun.

When it came to Law, she was a total addict. Just thinking about him made her nipples get hard. She glanced down at herself. Sure enough. Did she have anything near the same effect on Law? It hardly seemed possible.

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