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Beyond the Dreams We Know

Rediscover four worlds and explore new ones in Rachel Neumeier’s collection of short fiction

Beyond the Dreams We Know

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Release Date : August 9, 2022

ISBN Number : 978-1-63632-071-7


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Rediscover four worlds and explore new ones in Rachel Neumeier’s collection of short fiction.

In the world of City in the Lake, entering the great forest may lead you to your heart’s desire . . . but the one certainty is that the forest always has its own desires, and might very well tilt anyone’s quest to its own ends.
In the whole history of the Floating Islands, no girl has ever put on wings and taken flight. Now a special audition has just been announced, and despite her responsibilities, Nescana isn’t sure she can resist at least trying to make a new life for herself among the kajuraihi.
The Lord of the Delta is a busy man. But every now and then, Bertaud manages to take an afternoon away from his duties. Just one afternoon for himself. What could possibly go wrong?
Erest’s family knew they might risk unknown dangers when they first chose to build their home in the shadow of the Kieba’s mountain, but she hasn’t seemed offended by their presumption . . . yet. When disaster strikes, could Erest dare turn to the Kieba for help?
In a world much like our own, no one expects mysterious, beautiful dragons to begin emerging from earth and stone. But even when mystery and magic isn’t concerned with us at all, it can change our lives . . .


Not every author can create characters and stories that satisfy while leaving me wishing for more. I loved the additional glimpses into some of her established worlds and the brand new worlds she introduces.
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Rachel Neumeier started writing in graduate school as a break from research, but years ago allowed her hobbies to take over her life. Along with writing both adult and young adult fantasy, she now gardens, cooks Indian food, breeds and shows Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and occasionally finds time to read. Her young adult novel, The Floating Islands, was a Junior Library Guild selection and was selected by Kirkus Reviews as a best book of the year. Her most recent titles include Tuyo and the Death’s Lady trilogy.

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Table of Contents
Heart’s Desire
A Walk on the Beach
Fire and Earth
The Kieba
Read a sample from Death’s Lady: The Year’s Midnight
Read a sample from Tuyo

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