The Rambling Writer: Inspiration from Places

While we’re confined by the pandemic, how about another virtual trip with me? Let me take you back in time and place to inspiration for my novel ISLANDS. A lot of “life” happened this week, so today I’ll take you on … Continue reading


Things too Precious to Set Free

There are things that I simply cannot surrender–possessions that I will never set free, that my family will have to decide what will happen to them, because as long as I have breath, I will not let them go. Do you have things that are too important to let go? Do you have a box to hold them, real or virtual? What do you have that is too precious to let free?

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The Rambling Writer: Novel Inspiration and Research in Greece

Back when I had more time than money, I followed the sirens’ call to Greece, whose mythology had enchanted me since childhood.  Loading up my backpack, I set off on four months of ferry trips, hiking, hosteling and camping on … Continue reading