BVC Announces New Worlds, Year One: A Writer’s Guide to the Art of Worldbuilding by Marie Brennan

Worldbuilding is one of the great pleasures of writing science fiction and fantasy — and also one of its greatest challenges. Award-winning fantasy author Marie Brennan draws on her academic training in anthropology to peel back the layers of a setting, going past the surface details to explore questions many authors never think to answer. She invites you to consider the endless variety of real-world cultures — from climate to counterfeiting, from sumptuary laws to slang — and the equally endless possibilities speculative fiction has to offer.

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Making Word(s) Count #1: Less is More … Sometimes.

When less is more Over the years, as I’ve participated in writer’s workshops and mentored writers’ groups, I’ve encountered a number of literary habits that can keep a story from having the impact a writer so deeply desires it to … Continue reading