Author Interview: Alma Alexander

She was born on the banks of the blue Danube in a country whose name is but a memory. She left that home at ten, and lived in five countries on four continents before setting up shop in cyberspace. When asked about her life, all she will say is that she was born six years before men walked on the moon, and is married to a man who wooed her in cyberspace and lured her to America. But if you want to know about Alma Alexander’s stories, ah, that’s something else entirely.

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Artist In Residence Quarantine Diaries Episode 10: The story of a story – and how you can help…

So. Let me take you back a little while. Back in 2002, I attended the World Fantasy convention in Minneapolis – I did the usual things one does on such occasions, even met at least one author whom I fangirled … Continue reading


Alma’s Bookshelf: Worldweavers

Back in 2002, back when Harry Potter WAS the YA genre (Number One, and then twenty empty spaces behind it before the next contender…), I attended that year’s World Fantasy Convention. At that time, I had no real interest in … Continue reading