The Big Book of Earthsea

What is most exciting to me about this edition of EARTHSEA is THE PICTURES. Charles Vess is painting a wraparound cover and a full-color frontispiece for each of the six books (and, says he, “the title page will be in color, if I have anything to say about it.” To which I say Amen!) Then he’ll be drawing some fifty black-and-white vignettes for chapter heads, ten or a dozen full-page illustrations, and a bunch of smaller pictures throughout the book.

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BVC Announces Pearls of Fire, Dreams of Steel, by Deborah J. Ross

Pearls of Fire, Dreams of Steel by Deborah J. Ross A magical pearl turns a young girl into warrior without pity… A dragon bound to an amulet of amber seeks the aid of a forest wizard… A bitter, crippled fairy … Continue reading