BVC Announces Trickster’s Dance by Irene Radford

The axis of the Earth changed its tilt. All the glacial and polar ice melted. Humanity was reduced to a tiny fraction of the once teeming masses.

The concussion that robbed Gabby of her memories of the Before times opened her to trance visions through dance. She dances herself to exhaustion to learn Truth. She dances to banish evil spirits, Death, and illness.

But Gabby is too young for the role of Shaman, too untrained. When strangers bring new ideas and change, she’s unable to prevent Utopia’s harmony and cooperation from cracking. Violence spreads.

The dance that gives Gabby much wisdom does not tell her how to find a murderer or how to stop a war.
The man she hopes to marry sees no options but to fight. The stranger who touched her heart in a vision must abandon her and Utopia for a greater cause.

Saving all that she loves she must do on her own.

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