The Rambling Writer’s Reading List for Greece

As you read this, I’ll be winding up my long-anticipated return trip to Greece. It will be very different, I’m sure, from my months-long backpacking adventure in the 1980s, but I’m also sure it will once more be magic. It’s … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Celebrates 10 Years of Hiking with Thor

Thor and I recently celebrated ten years together by repeating one of our favorite outings, the first hike we made together in 2007, from the Artist Point staging area below Mt. Baker (above), along Ptarmigan Ridge Trail, and down into … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer’s story “Reset” in the Nevertheless, She Persisted collection

“Bullshit!” I was angry, and taking it personally. I asked myself why, and realized that it WAS personal—to all women and girls. This is what I grew up hearing:

“Be nice, be ladylike. Don’t talk back.”

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The Rambling Writer Joins the Pulpwood Queen Book Club

Since retiring from teaching creative writing, I have not missed the teetering piles of stories and revisions of stories and revisions of revisions of stories to critique, but I find that I do miss leading workshops and mostly Talking About … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Takes a Hike Above Lake Whatcom

Phew. After “The Year of Constant Physical Therapy” and various other medical interventions (for both Thor and myself), I’m revisiting my attitude toward a cyborg body. In my first science fiction novel WILD CARD RUN originally published (cough cough) several … Continue reading