BVC Announces Rebel by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith

Welcome back to Las Anclas, a frontier town in the post-apocalyptic Wild West. In this perilous landscape, a schoolboy can create earthquakes, poisonous cloud vipers flock in the desert skies, and the beaches are stalked by giant mind-controlling lobsters.

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BVC Announces Mourner by C.F. Bentley

Mourner Confederated Star Systems #3 C.F. Bentley Continuing the spiritual journey with a literary twist in a space opera landscape. William Gladstone once pointed out that a culture reveals itself in how it cares for its dead. Mourner, the third … Continue reading


BVC Announces The Rifter’s Covenant by Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge

The Rifter’s Covenant Exordium 4 by Sherwood Smith The Panarchy is in shambles, coalescing at the military base Ares. Brandon has inherited not only this political tinderbox, but also must face the escalating threat from the invading Dol’jharians and their … Continue reading