Rewriting Treadmills: Traditional Publishing versus E-Publishing

Everybody knows at least one writer who edits the same story for years.  The material is never good enough, the author is afraid to send it to editors, the author desperately wants to become the next JK Rowling or Stephen … Continue reading


Best Bond Gadgets

One of the most interesting things I’ve been asked to do as an author is create a “bracketologist” graph of James Bond gadgets and whittle my choices down to the Best Bond Gadget of All Time. My graph was a … Continue reading


Space Elevator Could Take Us to the Stars

The Space Elevator is a system to lift payloads of equipment, raw materials, supplies and even people above earth’s gravity and into space without the need for rocket technology. Today’s nanotechnology, composite manufacturing, laser, and photovoltaic technology makes this not only a possibility, but a very likely reality for the near future – at least within ten years. Hundreds of students and scientists at over one hundred colleges and universities around the world are working on different components that would go into a real Space Elevator.

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