BVC Announces Amber Affairs by Patricia Rice

Amber Affairs Crystal Magic 6 by Patricia Rice Once a childhood TV star, now a tarot reader in the town of Hillvale–home of 325 people and countless ghosts–Amber Abercrombie is content now that she’s escaped the horror of her stage … Continue reading


The ARCs Are Going Out; Reviews Are Coming In!

The ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) of my upcoming mystery/suspense novel The Antiquities Hunter have gone out to other mystery and crime writers and reviewers and I got a look at some of the reviews that are posted on my publisher’s website. … Continue reading


BVC Announces Witch’s Child by Hunter Morrison

Tyler’s command of the mystifying fighting art called Combat may not be enough to save the life of his dear friend, Molly. In the enchanted Southern California town of Escudillo, nothing is as it seems to be. Rogue clowns roam the streets, a mountain highway twists through the heart of town and no one driving it knows the town is even there, and when an old man, who owns a copper bowl everyone seems to want, dies in a fire, Tyler begins to learn a terrible truth about himself, the town’s past, and deadly peril.

Continue reading

Story Excerpt Sunday: From Ghost Point by James A. Hetley

Ghost Point by James A. Hetley The mortars rained out of the hot ’Nam sky, Crump! Crump! Crump! into the shit-stinking paddy mud. Den Carlsson threw himself flat, scanned the battlefield, and the third round always took the looie as … Continue reading


Elements of Romance in Other Genres

Romance crossover novels seem to be popping up all over, and it got me thinking about my own writing process. My novels tend to cross genres, including mainstream, science fiction, fantasy, mystery/suspense, and thriller plots, but they all include romantic … Continue reading


October Reading

The Mountain’s Call by Caitlin Brennan. Under her various pen names, Judith Tarr has long been one of my favorite authors, particularly when she writes about horses. This book is full of horse-magic, the usual kind because they’re so marvelous … Continue reading