BVC Announces Magical Meanderings by Irene Radford

Magical Meanderings by Irene Radford What happens when rival pirate queens take tea together? From the fertile imagination of Irene Radford, author of the classic Dragon Nimbus Series, and the epic Merlin’s Descendants Series, come sixteen stories of hope, fun, … Continue reading


BVC Announces Maps to Nowhere by Marie Brennan

Two cities joined by their reflections. A realm of feathered serpents and jaguar-men. A desert where a former goddess seeks the ultimate truth. In this collection, award-winning author Marie Brennan takes you to ten different fantastical lands, including the world of her famed scholar-heroine Lady Trent. Journey with her to places rich and strange: here there be more than just dragons.

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Nine White Horses, Part III

Part III of IV: the story of Charlemagne’s horse, and loyalty and duty, and very old, very strong magic. Part I Part II He might be a good baker and he might not, but no one complained. Otherwise it was … Continue reading