A Meerkat Rants: sexuality, gender, and getting out from under the bullshit

(the following Rant has been modified for Adult Language from the original, but it hasn’t been defanged entirely, and contains blunt talk about impolite things.  Proceed at your own risk) — Happy Pride Month! I’ve only recently encountered the subgroup … Continue reading


Story Excerpt Sunday: From Ink Dance by Deborah J. Ross

Ink Dance Essays on the Writing Life by Deborah J. Ross Sexuality in Fiction A few years ago, I had the privilege of editing a new fantasy anthology series, Lace and Blade, from Norilana Books. The concept was a certain … Continue reading


Author Interview: Mary Anne Mohanraj

Noted author Mary Anne Mohanraj was born in Sri Lanka and came to the United States as a toddler. Her classical, traditional parents did their best to raise their eldest daughter for the life they expected for her—the educated wife of a man she might meet only a couple of times before accepting him in an arranged marriage.

Mary Anne had other ideas.

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