BVC Announces Mad Maria’s Daughter by Patricia Rice

Tainted by the gossip about her mad mother, Daphne Templeton defies family and society by spurning the only gentleman to make her an offer. Fleeing London rumors, she’s captured by a highwayman, who believes her mad for not fearing him when he rides off with her. Even her beloved aunt fears she’s lost her wits for not encouraging her neighbor, the quiet but handsome Lord Griffin.

And Daphne has to question her own rationality when she prefers the clandestine kisses of a masked stranger to those of a gentleman who openly declares his love. . .

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Story Excerpt Sunday: from Notorious Atherton by Patricia Rice

Notorious Atherton A Rebellious Sons Novel by Patricia Rice By all the saints and heavens, the man was beyond delicious into the realm of godliness! Fearing her thunderstruck wonder was obvious, Nora attempted to look away from the golden-haired aristocrat … Continue reading


BVC Announces Notorious Atherton by Patricia Rice

Notorious Atherton The Rebellious Sons, Vol. III by Patricia Rice The Pirate and the Princess Nora Adams is a schoolteacher and a poor seaman’s widow–until the day she inherits a fortune and is sent to London to deliver a mysterious message … Continue reading