[politics] George Washington on the Evils of Political Parties

In light of the political events of recent times, I offer these words from George Washington’s highly prescient Farewell Address, without commentary. United States 19th September 1796 Friends, & Fellow–Citizens. I have already intimated to you the danger of Parties … Continue reading


Constructing the Golem

The legend of the golem varies according to the teller, but I will follow the version that tells how in a time of persecution a rabbi made a mighty giant out of mud, a golem, and wrote a sacred word on its forehead — “Truth” — that gave it life. With its frightening size and enormous strength, the golem was to defend and safeguard the Jews. But the golem was not rational, not controllable. It was a danger in itself. So the rabbi removed a single letter from the word on its forehead, which then read “Death,” and the life went out of the giant, leaving only mud.

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