The Rambling Writer’s Pandemic Pool

Missing our swimming during the pandemic closures, Thor and I install a “swim spa” pool and transform our front yard. Among the many adjustments of this past year of the Covid19 pandemic, a big one for Thor and me was … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Flashback: Hiking to Lake Ann, 2018

The last couple of years have presented their challenges for all of us, and I hope to keep hope alive for more outings in our beautiful Pacific Northwest wilderness and wherever we all can venture. I plan to return soon … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Hikes to Lake Ann, with Blueberries

Thor, Bear dog, and I seize a lucky day between very welcome rain showers and very unwelcome, choking wildfire smoke. Our annual hike to Lake Ann! Despite the “new normal” of climate change and the terrible wildfires all over the … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Scouts out Native Plants on the Ridge Trail

Join Thor, Bear dog, and me as we hike the Ridge Trail off Chuckanut Drive and enjoy the diversity of Pacific Northwest native ground covers. When we’re off on our forest rambles, we always stop to smell the roses — … Continue reading


BVC Announces Orcas Intrigue by Laura Gayle

Camille Tate has always run away…but vanishing whenever life gets too frightening has never solved anything.

When a broken heart sends Cam to remote Orcas Island to try her hand at caretaking and writing a screenplay, she finds quiet beaches and cozy bookstores, plus a host of intriguing folks, including a rugged boat-builder, a glamorous neighbor, and a reassuring sheriff’s deputy.

But an escalating nest of mysteries and the haunting sense of being watched soon leave Cam wondering if she can believe her own perceptions. As intrigue turns to danger, she must decide whether there is anyone she can trust, or if it’s time for her to vanish yet again.

Continue reading