The Rambling Writer Returns to the Mountains

Join Thor , Bear dog, and me as we heed the call of the wild to the Mt. Baker Wilderness. NOTE: For more virtual getaways you may enjoy this summer, I’ll be weaving in some outdoor excursions between our virtual-vacation series … Continue reading


Northern Living; How I Conquered the Winter Blues

My sister recently offered me her “happy light”, you know, the high-lux intensity lamps that can stimulate serotonin. She lives near Arcata, on the often foggy, overcast Northern California redwood coast. But, with a guilty gratefulness for climate change, we … Continue reading


Kayaking in high summer

Six loons swam in a tight circle less than six feet in diameter. Every now and then, a loon would dive into the center of the circle and vanish, and a little while later one would pop up to the surface and rejoin the circle. The whole thing smacked of the occult. After a while I felt I was intruding on a private and unquestionably magical ritual peculiar to loons, and ought to move the hell on before I offended. So I moved on.

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